professional hose reels

Maxireel M15

Conceived for the rinsing
of ample surfaces and built
with materials suitable
for professional kitchens
and other food-processing
and food-service environments.


23 kg (51 lb) appx.


Operating Conditions
Intended to operate with water only, not mixed with other substances such as detergents.
Water temperature and pressure
Max. 90°C (194°F) and 1 MPa (145 psi)
(Note : Operating conditions may vary with each spray gun)


Product Codes
Without spray gun (G 1/2 male thread)
Art. 5R.M15.G12

With NiTO-II Combi spray gun
Art. 5R.M15.449

With NiTO-II spray gun + extension
Art. 5R.M15.480

With NiTO-I Combi spray gun
Art. 5R.M15.448

With NiTO-I spray gun + extension
Art. 5R.M15.450

With NEW spray gun
Art. 5R.M15.045

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