professional hose reels


Since 1995, workers in professional and institutional kitchens in over 40 countries have been using the "NEW" Spray Gun, designed and manufactured by KLARCO, along with its "NEW/F" variant. The subject of countless inferior imitations, the "NEW" and "NEW/F" spray guns have been constantly developed and improved over 15 years. Commonly used on pre-rinse units in professional kitchens, these spray guns are also compatible with K-ReeL hose reels wherever an efficient device is needed to rinse objects at close distance.

  • Materials suitable with drinking water and food contact.
  • Progressive water flow (the more the lever is squeezed, the higher the water flow).
  • High efficiency: great rinsing power while saving water.
  • Ergonomic design and heat-insulated handle.
  • G 1/2 female threaded inlet.

Operating Conditions
Water temperature max. 0.75 MPa (109 psi)
Pressure max. 0.75 MPa (109 psi)

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